2015 Year in Review

Dear Friends,

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! What an incredibly busy time- and year it has been as HeartSync Ministry continues to expand and grow. What should have been a Christmas letter has now become a belated St. Valentine’s Day letter. It seems like we just flew from the Christmas season, through Epiphany and now, already into Lent. It’s hard to believe! But what a great joy to give you a brief report of all the amazing things that have been happening.

We began January of 2015 by traveling to Abilene Texas where we conducted both a Basic and Advanced HeartSync training. Lisa and I returned there in March for the dedication of the beautiful new facility of Gold Monarch Healing Center. What a great privilege to be with all the people who worked and gave sacrificially to see the dream of that healing community become a reality.

Despite some serious back issues early in 2015, the Lord sustained me and in February was able to do a Basic training in Birmingham, Alabama. Then to round out the spring, I led a prayer team in providing HeartSync Ministry for the last Transformation Summit in Moravian Falls, North Carolina. We have provided a brief training and prayer ministry for well over a dozen of these conferences. Besides the obvious blessing of seeing our Lord bring much healing to many participants, I will greatly miss the fellowship and working with the team. Not only did the team ministry provide excellent opportunities for mentoring, but these conferences provided us a setting to grow closer together.

In May, 2015 we were blessed to work with Transformation Ministries of Nashville, Tennessee in bringing HeartSync Ministry to that area. I’m not good at remembering numbers, but the May group seemed to be about 80 people and many of these people were leaders over other ministries. Many of these leaders were wanting another training for their people, so following a summer mentoring group, there was enough demand that we returned in November to hold both a Basic and Intermediate training.

In midsummer we were able to do support training with a couple of established communities. June, 2015 saw us doing a Basic HeartSync training with Tallahassee Healing Prayer Ministries in our hometown of Tallahassee, Florida. In July, I returned to Aqueduct Conference Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to conduct an Intermediate HeartSync training in conjunction with HeartSync of North Carolina. What a blessing it was to have a dedication service for HeartSync of North Carolina and its partnership with Aqueduct Conference Center. In August we held our first HeartSync Intensive Retreat at Aqueduct. I don’t think I can ever remember such an anointed time of ministry as that.

The fall schedule began with a September Basic training in western Canada. It was a great joy to introduce HeartSync Ministry to Stoney Plain, Alberta. What a precious group of people. In response to my great fascination with freely roaming moose and caribou, one dear lady actually fixed me a moose roast with moose gravy for dinner! In October, between this training and the November Nashville training, I returned to Aqueduct Conference Center in partnership with HeartSync of North Carolina to hold a Basic training as well as our second Intensive Retreat.

As I jotted down these notes to share with you, I’m struck with the incredible goodness of God in allowing us to partner with him and all of you in advancing the establishment of healing communities for the preparation and benefit of his beloved bride. Sometimes the problem of doing this work means that I often forget to tell you how much I deeply appreciate your support and call to advance this healing message. Lisa and I join together in expressing our sincere gratitude for you.

In this Lenten season, may you know ever deeper revelations of his love as you prepare to celebrate his resurrection life in your hearts.

Peace and blessings,


The Rev. Canon Andrew Miller, LCSW